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Sabtu, 09 Juni 2012

3 days to determine

I woke up the next day from my sleep, but why for the next 3 days ahead and did not want to open my eyes and woke from my sleep.
because I do not want to see him go from me.
I just wanted to not wake up for several days that
because for me it was 3 days for me to determine
that's all I think and hope!!
but I also fear the changes that I'll see.
that fear continues to haunt me as if all that will happen and again I have to feel hurt by it all.
difficult to understand this feeling ..
wrong because I too like this but it's not like me
You have made me like this so can not trust you anymore
I'm sorry love but the one thing you should know ....
I do not want to lose you, let you from my hand, leave you alone, and would never willingly for all of it.

i love you
from someone loves you


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